Who We Are

In case you are looking for the most reliable IT Partner; one that will offer you the ultimate solutions to all your IT problems then Windel Solutions are here for you. Formed in 2012, we have got the freshest ideas your company needs for the better functionality of all its systems. Within the short period we have been in business, we have assisted a variety of companies and businesses across the globe to obtain ultimate IT solutions and you can also enjoy the experience whenever you give us the chance to serve you. We always believe in the offering the best and so, you are always accorded the guarantee of services that will suit your personal demands.

In order to ensure that we meet the needs of each and every client that hires us, we offer a wide range of IT solutions including web design, development, Search Engine Optimization, IM among other related services. Even though we began by offering web design services, we have gained enough experience such that you are now able to get a variety of other related services that will keep all your IT systems in order. Our services are designed to meet the IT needs of small, medium-sized and even larger businesses all over the world. Our rates are also fair to suit the kind of budget that you are operating on.

The other aspect that makes Windel Solutions unique from other companies offering IT solutions is that we have got an elaborate team of IT specialists with sufficient skills in diagnosing a series of IT problems. Besides, we also use a variety of the latest sophisticated tools and technologies in offering IT solutions to ensure that you get the best services. Since we are always committed to excellence, we also provide after sales support so that your IT needs are well taken care of in every step of the way.